Looking for a simple but sleek handlebar accessory mount for your e-bike? Get the Handlebar LCD Computer Mount at Leeds Electric Bike. We stock the Problem Solvers handlebar mount for your 500 Series LCD computer. At only 93g with a 11mm wide clamp, the mount is lightweight and easily fits on your e-bike’s handlebar.

Provides Easy Access to Your LCD Monitor

Monitoring your e-bike’s performance and range as you ride is important. If you want a simple mount for your LCD monitor, our handlebar mount ensures easy access to vital e-bike readings while riding. The mount is strong and securely fits on your e-bike’s handlebar.

E-bike accessory lovers often need more space to mount their various widgets. If you’re a frequent e-bike user looking to add a few extras on your handlebar, we provide you with a slim clamp that allows you to mount different accessories like your LCD monitors, lights and MP3s.

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At Leeds Electric Bike, we strive to bring you the very best e-bike accessories and parts for your e-bike conversion kit. Our handlebar accessory mount from Problem Solvers supports your LCD monitor as well as other accessories on the e-bike market.

Browse our wide range of components and accessories for your Leeds 500 Series kit at our online store. Order today!

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