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Welcome to Leeds

Founded in 2013, our company is the innovator behind the 250 Series Five-Minute E-Bike Kit. Every day, thousands of cyclists use our conversion kits to commute, exercise, run errands, and get outside! Our kits are an affordable alternative to budget-breaking electric bikes. All of our electric bike kits are made of the best materials and components in the e-bike industry and are backed by our industry-leading warranty. Our kits and wheels are handbuilt in the USA.  We promise miles and miles of rugged and reliable use.

Why Choose Us

Leeds Bikes is driven by an unrelenting passion for electric bike kits and e-bikes. Focusing on quality, our e-bike kits are made of brand-name parts and components and are backed by our worry-free, two-year warranty. We’re completely committed to quality and refuse to compromise on what passes the Leeds test for product excellence. Let us help you power your ride. We’re leaders in the e-bike industry and are revolutionizing the way America gets around.

Our Story

While serving in the United States Army, Leeds Founder Mike Merrell suffered a career-ending foot injury to his right foot. Mike was told he would never be able to run or do many of the activities he used to enjoy.

Mike was determined to make the best of his situation so he began commuting to work on his bicycle. Mike discovered freedom when riding his bicycle. Unfortunately, Mike was unable to put all of his weight on his pedals without experiencing severe pain, especially when climbing hills.

Mike developed his own e-bike conversion kit for his bike. His creation helped him navigate hills without any pain! He knew there were many people who could benefit from his electric bike kit so he created Leeds Bikes.


Our Products

Utilizing the power of the world’s top brand-name manufacturers, our e-bike conversion kits have been recognized among the best available to the public. The quality, dependability and functionality of our gear and accessories exceed expectations.

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